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“Social Media: The Confluence of My New Beliefs”

The advent of social media has brought some changes in the world that can be reflected in the form and color of our society. Talking about my first social media experience, I can say that it has filled my life with new colors.

I started my social media journey with Orkut, where I created an account to connect with my friends and family. And today, Facebook has replaced countless platforms like Orkut. As you know, Facebook is a vast social media platform that connects us with people all over the world. I soon learned about other social media experiences like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Pawan Kumar Sharma
Author : Pawan Kumar Sharma

My social media experience has taught me a new way to connect with people all over the world. I connected with my friends, family and other people in the society through my social media accounts and got to know something new about them and this journey is still going on. Social media has also given me a new way of interacting with other people and sharing my thoughts and experiences. 

Apart from this, social media has given me an opportunity to learn about various problems such as climate change, social justice, health and to discuss various political issues.

My social media experience has helped me find new friends, take care of my health, develop my career, and so much more.It has added a new dimension to my life which makes me large-handed and plenary .

Lastly, social media has given me the opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. Through this I got to know about other countries culture, food, places and other things which was a great experience for me.

The things I learn through social media not only make me knowledgeable but also broaden my horizons and give me a new identity. I use social media not only to share my experiences but also to understand the happenings and controversies going on around the world.In today’s time, social media has become mandatory for most of the people. It not only gives us an opportunity to connect with people, but also through this we can discuss larger social, political and economic issues.

From my experiences, social media is a very funny and useful medium. I consider it an integral part of my life and want to be connected with the world through it. For this, I always try to make good use of social media, so that through it I can make my life pleasant and simple. Ultimately social media is a source of education for me through which I learn something new. 

Thank you very much
 (Pawan Kumar Sharma)

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